What’s the Best Kind of Epoxy for a Concrete Floor?

Becoming more and more popular among garage owners, basement owners, and other folks with some kind of concrete floor in their home or place of business, epoxy is a great way to go to ensure you have a concrete floor covering that is going to be durable and last you for years without worry.

best garage floor epoxy

To expand your options in regards to your floor, you can even choose from several different types of epoxy, but what is the best garage floor epoxy you could choose to work with? Learn about the top three options so you can get a better idea of what you could be working with on your own concrete floor.

Mortar Epoxy

This is easily the strongest type of all the epoxy floor covering options. Normally found in industrial settings such as warehouses, this type of epoxy is highly durable and can even be used to repair cracking and other imperfections in concrete floors before bringing in other types of epoxy.

Epoxy Terrazzo Coating

This is a kind of epoxy that is generally looked at for its easiness to clean, as well as for how good it looks. Used frequently in commercial establishments for its aesthetic attractiveness and its simplicity in maintenance, this could be the best option for you if you want one of the best-looking types of epoxy.

Self-Leveling Epoxy

This is a type of epoxy floor covering that is able to be applied over almost any concrete floor, whether it is old or brand new, with ease. Much loved for its simple installation, you can find this kind of epoxy flooring used in homes and commercial businesses all over.

The type of epoxy flooring you choose will be based mostly on your needs and your budget, and knowing some of the best options will help you make an informed decision. Once you have your epoxy floor covering on your floor, all you will have left to do afterwards is make sure you stay on top of maintaining it so it will continue to look great for you for a long time.