Getting Rid Of Those Ticks

Ticks, when you hear the name it probably makes your skin crawl and your blood run cold.  Ticks, are small nasty creatures that lay in wait for any unsuspecting pray to come by and then attaches to them like a virus.  Ticks however can be avoided as well as dealt with if you pay attention and follow a few simple steps.

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Stay away from their environment

The best way to deal with a tick is to stay out of their environment.  This means that you should stay away from tall grass as well as forests and woods.  Although these creatures can be avoided, there will come a time when you will have to deal with them.  This is why knowing the number of a company that provides tick control services in Pass Christian is a good number to have.

Removing a tick

If you get bitten by a tick don’t panic.  However, you do want to work fast and get it removed.  The first thing that you should do is do a full body inspection to see if you can spot any others on your body.  Ticks, like rats, travel in packs.

Once you find the ticks the next thing you want to do is grab a set of tweezers.  These are going to be your best tool in removing them.  You will also want to put on a pair of rubber gloves as well. You don’t want to come in physical contact with the tick if at all possible.

Take the tweezers and get it as close to the skin as possible.  Then with a steady pressure, you want to squeeze and pull straight up and out.  You want to avoid twisting and yanking on the tick.  Take your time and just pull it off like a band aid fast and quick.

Once the tick is removed, wash the area and disinfect with rubbing alcohol, soap and water.